Issue 2

front_cover_Endof832 End of 83 – Volume 2

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Table of Contents:

pg. 5 – “Function Crash()” by Kurt Crisman

pg. 7 – “How to Watch Your City Burn” by Whitney G. Schultz

pg. 8 – “Angel of the Butcher Shop” by Mike Murphy

pg. 9 – “The French Confection” by Myrina Cardella-Marenghi

pg. 14 – “Trapeze” by Jessie Schaller

pg. 18 – “Under the Leonids” by Matt Hohner

pg. 19 – “Galore” by Heath Brougher

pg. 20 – “Invoice” by David N. Tablada

pg. 24 – “She Touched His Hair and His Face” by Richard Baldwin Cook

pg. 25 – “Rubber Magic at Mickey D’s” by Richard Baldwin Cook

pg. 26 – “No One Gets Fat on Labor Day” by Mike Murphy

pg. 27 – “Endlessly Adrift” by Heath Brougher

pg. 28 – “‘I began in Water'” by Chelsea Gleason

pg. 40 – “The Contestant” by Tom Mullin

pg. 51 – “Myrtle Beach, South Carolina” by Matt Hohner

pg. 52 – “In Memoriam, Summer” by Whitney G. Schultz

pg. 53 – “A Tale of Four Cities, ” by Margo Christie

pg. 63 – “David” by Kristin McWharter

pg. 64 – “Gary” by Kristin McWharter

pg. 65 – “HCC Make” by Kristin McWharter

pg. 66 – “The Hard Truth” by Mike Murphy

pg. 67 – “The General’s Lament” by Mike Murphy

pg. 68 – “Grandpa and the Gangster” by Myrina Cardella-Marenghi


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